Angry Villagers Besieged On Kavuzi Estate

Angry villagers around Kavuzi Estates in Nkhata-Bay District early Thursday morning went on rampage cutting down macadamia, tea and bluegum trees belonging to the Estate after its management sent workers to slash-down bananas belonging to the villagers alleged to have been planted in encroached estates land.

An eye witness who did not want his identity to be disclosed for fear of reprisals said, the estate owners who are Malawians of Asian origin have been provoking the villagers for years now hence retaliating in that manner.

“These Asians (Amwenye) have no respect for the natives, how can a normal parson simply wake up and send workers to slash-down bananas in their farm yards,” he queried.

Efforts to seek views of the farm manager for Kavuzi Estates proved futile since his mobile phone could not be reached on several occasions we tried to get hold of him.

For almost two decades now, there have been misunderstandings between villagers around Kavuzi Estates and the plantation management on boundary demarcations as the two sides have accused each other of encroachment.

By the time officers from the Police Service arrived at the estate a lot of bluegum, tea and macadamia were already destroyed by the irate mob.

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