The Malawi National Council of Sports (MNCS) is making efforts to push its preferred candidates into the Football Association of Malawi (FAM)’s executive body, causing frustration among leaders of affiliate bodies who have nominated Walter Nyamilandu for the position of president.

The MNCS has shown a strong desire for power by demanding minutes of a meeting held by the Southern Region Football Association (SRFA), which resulted in the nomination of Walter Nyamilandu for the presidency.

This move has raised eyebrows among soccer enthusiasts as MNCS seems to be introducing unnecessary politics into the country’s sporting bodies, particularly targeting SRFA and disregarding SULOM and NRFA.

This biased behaviour is against certain candidates appears unfair, illogical, and unprofessional, leaving many questioning the legitimacy of their interference irrespective of issues of integrity.

Several soccer pundits have argued that MNCS should have conducted a comprehensive review by requesting reports and minutes from all affiliate bodies if concerns of delegate influence were genuine.

Commenting on the situation, several critics have pointed out MNCS’s lack of legal basis for their interference, as it seems unsubstantiated by their own statutes.

Moreover, allegations of financial exchanges and undue influence in the North, as well as in SULOM, should be thoroughly investigated by MNCS including that it’s preferred candidate has bought cars for some voters, rather than selectively targeting specific bodies.

The favouritism displayed by MNCS in allowing Mr. Fleetwood Haiya to contest while still holding a position at Nyasa Big Bullets has not gone unnoticed. It’s crucial for MNCS to understand that favouring a candidate may not yield favourable results, and the outcome of the elections on the 16th of December will reflect this.

In summary, the letter issued by MNCS appears to be misguided and an unwarranted attempt to unduly influence the elections in support of a specific candidate, showcasing irresponsible conduct.