Government has been commended for the introduction of some new immigration laws which have removed the exorbitant fees that were levied on foreign passport holders coming to Malawi which will now simplify the visa acquisition process and increase revenue collection.

These new changes have the potential to positively impact both visitors and the country’s economy.

A Malawian living in the diaspora, Allan Mandindi commended the authorities through the Ministry of Homeland Security which is under the leadership of Honourable Dr Kenneth Reeves Zikhale Ng’oma.

Minister of Homeland Security Hon Dr Kenneth Zikhale Ng’oma

“This now goes well in line with the government agenda of promoting the country as one of the great tourist destinations in Africa, we need to make visiting Malawi as much easier and as welcoming as we can,” Mandindi said.

The Manchester City based Malawi national further stated that as a country Malawi cannot only be relying on fees as a main Forex generator, but be very smart and creative.

“Let people bring money in to spend, that can promote local businesses where in return will put back money in government coffers through taxes when their businesses start to thrive,” he added.

A socioeconomic commentator, Tiyane Nyirenda conquered with Mandindi stating that if well planned Malawi can immediately witness a boom in the tourism sector, meaning millions of Malawians living in diaspora who hold foreign passports will have more opportunities to visit the country regularly.

“Malawians should welcome this commendable move and start to be creative. Most countries that are receiving millions of tourists have eased restrictions that do discourage people from visiting those countries,” said Nyirenda.

Malawi was among a least countries with the travel tax levy imposed by the government on individuals who are leaving the country irrespective of the place where the air ticket is issued and the form or place of payment, as provided for by the immigration laws.