Leadership Steers Journalists Soccer Team To Highest Heights

It is indisputable fact, Feston Malekezo is a great leader for the Nyika Media Club Social Football team having managed to lead his fellow scribes to the football glory in the recent times a thing that is never was.

It is now very wonderful to witness the accomplishments under his guidance, strong leadership so inspiring and motivational to team members achieving great things now.

After conquering other teams in the region, more precisely in Karonga and Nkhata-Bay districts, the Mighty Nyika Media Club Social Football team trounced Caribbean Social Football Team on Saturday at the scribes alternative venue, Mzuzu Prison Ground.

As usual, Caribbean were the first to score through their top striker, a 44 year old gospel musician Peter Sambo who nicely connected home a well placed through ball that caught the journalist’s defence napping.

Considering pride at stake, the media practitioners quickly reorganised their midfield and displayed their usual beautiful modern ‘high-breed’ type of Football popularly played by Arsenal FC of England and Spain national team.

Caribbean Social Football Team could no longer withstand to the opposition’s system of play which was a compliment of high levels of determination, precision and style, no wonder they conceded a leveller that was marvellous to watch.

Another clinical move that originated from the substitute goalkeeper who replaced the injured Mike, was another fine moment that will remain lingering in the minds of those who played and watched the game.

The third goal for journalism defenders had all the ingredients of fine football displayed on the day which completely demoralised the bar-tenders though Caribbean’s last minute substitutions paid dividends to settle the score line at 3-2.

Speaking after the game, the Nyika Media Club Social Football team manager, Feston Malekezo who the day before led the whole media family at the grand signing ceremony of a working partnership with Grand Palace Hotel hailed his charges for a wonderful display and the journalists’ unity of purpose.

“It is through these simple things that we are now very united and through such initiatives we can build strong relationships, not only among ourselves but with other corporate partners out there as well,” Malekezo said.

However, Malekezo challenged the journalists mainly those taking part in social events like soccer to represent the media family well which he said is in the rebuilding process by among others engaging in close ties with potential partners in complementing the values in informing, educating and entertaining the masses.

In his remarks, Caribbean Social Football team’s captain, gospel musician, Peter Sambo could not hide his feelings considering the wonderful teams spirit and the level of fair play displayed by the northern region news writers.

“Guys, ‘muli ndi team spirit ya nyatwa’ I am sure your high level of discipline starts with the leadership you have. All in all you’ve given us a good run,” said Sambo.

The Media Club’s head coach, Draxon Maloya refused to comment on the day’s game stating that leaders had already spoken.