The United Transformation Movement (UTM) has strongly condemned all forms of violence and acts of intimidation in the political arena that led to the attacking of the Democratic Progressive Party motor parade.

In a statement the UTM issued on Sunday states that it believes in the importance of peaceful and democratic means of expressing differing opinions and ideologies hence calling on all political parties and their supporters to refrain from engaging in violent behaviour and to respect the rights of others to peacefully campaign and express their views.

UTM National Publicity Secretary, Felix Njawala states that such attacks only serve to undermine the democratic process and sow seeds of division and mistrust among the people.

“We urge the authorities to investigate this incident thoroughly and hold those responsible accountable for their actions. Let us strive to build a peaceful and inclusive political environment where all voices can be heard and respected,” said Njawala

A DPP motor parade was on Saturday attacked in Lilongwe by a group of people suspected to be Malawi Congress Party sympathisers an accusation which the ruling party has not yet responded to.