Zikhale Pays Surprise Visit To Immigration Headquarters Offices

In pursuit of effectiveness and efficiency in discharging government business the Homeland Security Minister, Ken Zikhale Ng’oma, paid a surprise visit to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services headquarters in Blantyre on Thursday.

Using the bottom approach in gathering information on how the public and officials at the department of immigration are assessing the passport printing progress Zikhale begun by asking why they are not printing passports when the lost data was fully recovered by ICT experts.

In response the officials says, they are only able to print out temporary travel documents.

At that point the department’s national publicist, Assistant Superintendent Wellington Chiponde, who directed the meeting requested that the media should leave the meeting in order to discuss matters privately with the minister.

Addressing the media after a close door meeting with Immigration officials Zikhale assured the nation that government is working tirelessly to ensure that the situation normalises within the soonest time possible.

“Government is doing everything possible to make sure that the problems at the Immigration Department has been resolved,” said Zikhale.

On calls from some quarters calling him and the Director of Immigration to resign, the Homeland Security Minister described such calls as illogical considering the tremendous work done so far, recovering the lost data to the commencement of passport printing.