New Land Bill Gives Locals City Residential-Plot Ownership

The Malawi Parliament has on Friday, 25th March 2022 passed the land amendment Bill.The amendment has a provision that foreigners shall own land for investment purposes only.Freehold land owners will be asked to develop the land they own in two years, failing which the land will revert to public land.

Minister of Lands and Housing, Honorable Sam Kawale tabled the Bill aimed at amending land laws in Malawi.
“Non-Malawians wanting to be in Malawi, shall obtain resident permits from the Immigrationon Department instead of obtaining land for speculative purposes”, said Minister Kawale.

Foreign nationals have been owning several residential plots in Malawi.
Meanwhile, the Bill will help Malawians own their own residential lands in towns and Cities which for the past years have been only owned by foreign nationals.