Youth For Today Embarks On Consistency Development Assessment, Chomanika Shines

A grouping of youths working on issues aimed at promoting transparency and accountability among other things ensuring women and young people’s participation in political decision making, ‘Youth For Today’ (YFT) has embarked on assessment of 2019 manifestos and development works implemented by members of Parliament in the lower shire.

YFT’s Secretary General, Harry Gobede said the grouping wanted to assess if the promises that were made during the 2019 campaign have been fulfilled since five-year development programs they established will phase out in may this year.

“We have their promises in custody, and their five-year projects they promised come to an end next month so we are evaluating they manifestos,” Gobede said.

Meanwhile, YFT has started the journey with Chikwawa North Constituency where assessment has been made and the outcome indicates that the Parliamentarian has scored 98% CDF, 84% water development fund ,and 100% Gesd.

On resource mobilization, the member of parliament has been given a credit for at least engaging other stakeholders and government to improve the landscape of the area.

Some vivid examples of the works initiated inclide: the construction of a K130 million Nkuzi CDSS block, Mfera Police unit, Dula Nsanje Teacher’s houses bridges , and restoration of water pumps as well as rehabilitation of Mfera hospital that was burnt some times back, all these in Mwamphazi ward.

“In Ndalanda ward, Chikwawa Community ground is being fenced, Njereza CDSS classroom block , Mivunza bridge , the start of kandeu- Chavala upgraded road, Kandewu secondary school , the start of Marep in Group Jacob and group Phazuwa, solar powered water in Mbendera among others,” added Gobede.

YFT has since appealed to other youth leaders (MPs) in the country to emulate what Chikwawa North MP Owen Chomanika has done with his five-year work plan , describing his attributes as a clear signal aligned with the 2063 development agenda.