Chakwera’s Calls for African Human Capital Empowerment

As Malawi hosts the 9th African Population Conference, President Lazarus Chakwera has echoed his voice with passion and purpose calling on world leaders, economists, and policymakers to invest in the human capital towards achieving global goals.

President Chakwera made the call in Lilongwe on Monday at the opening of a high-level summit convened to discuss the pressing issue of sustainable development and the role of African human capital in shaping global economies.

Chakwera, known for his commitment to uplifting the people of Malawi and the African continent as a whole, began his speech by highlighting the importance of partnership platforms that harness the potential of African human capital.

The Malawi leader emphasized the need for collaboration, innovation, and investment in the continent’s most valuable resource – its people.

“The Addis Ababa Declaration on Population has set forth a bold vision for achieving global goals, but we cannot do it alone. We need to leverage the incredible talent, creativity, and energy of the African people to drive sustainable growth and development on a global scale.” Chakwera said.

The Malawi leader also painted a vivid picture of a future where Africa takes its rightful place as a key player in the global economy, where African entrepreneurs, innovators, and professionals lead the way in shaping industries and driving innovation.

He also highlighted the vast untapped potential of the continent’s young population, stressing the need to invest in education, skills development, and entrepreneurship to unlock this potential.

“The youth of Africa are not just the leaders of tomorrow – they are the leaders of today,” President Chakwera proclaimed, his voice filled with hope and determination. “We must create the platforms, networks, and opportunities that will allow them to thrive, to innovate, and to contribute meaningfully to the global economy.”

As the three-day summit begins the visiting Iceland Prime Minister, Bjani Benediktsson’s words lingered in the air, sparking a renewed sense of purpose and possibility among the attendees.

Benediktsson’s called for partnership, empowerment, and investment in African human capital having struck a chord, igniting a shared commitment to work together towards a more sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous future for all.

“Africa just like many countries across the globe embarked on a new chapter of growth and development, harnessing the power of its people to build a brighter tomorrow for generations to come,” Benediktsson said.

However, the Iceland Prime Minister stressed that the journey ahead would be challenging, but with determination, collaboration, and a steadfast belief in the potential of African human capital, the possibilities were endless.