DPP Misses An Opportunity To Have Female Leader In Parliament

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has lost an opportunity to make what could be a groundbreaking that could send shockwaves throughout the political landscape of Malawi, making history by appointing Hon Mary Thom Navicha as the new Leader of Opposition in parliament.

Several political commentators said this historic political decision could not only mark a significant milestone for Hon Navicha herself but also reflecting the party’s unwavering commitment to women empowerment and gender equality.

To the disappointment of the Executive Director for Women Legal Resource Center, Maggie Kathewera Banda who heads the NGO Gender Coordination Network who expected the historic appointment to spread like wildfire across the globe attracting the overwhelming support and admiration for the DPP’s bold decision, the party has since settled for Honourable George Chaponda.

“Hon Navicha’s appointment as the first female Leader of Opposition in Malawi could be a triumph for women everywhere, serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration for future generations of female leaders, a significance of momentous occasion that could not be overstated,” said Kathewera.

She further narrated that Navicha’s appointment as Leader of Opposition could not just be a symbolic gesture, but a tangible demonstration of the DPP’s commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and progress joined by other activists who conquered that the decision could meet with widespread acclaim and admiration from political analysts, activists, and citizens alike.

“In a country where women have long been underrepresented in positions of power and leadership, Hon Navicha’s ascent to the role of Leader of Opposition is a momentous achievement,” Banda added.

Another commentators, a political science lecturer at MUBAS, Chimwemwe Tsitsi stated that the appointment could shatter the glass ceiling that has hindered the progress of women in the political arena, paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable society for all.

former leader of the Young Politicians Union, Hawkins Mnyenyembe
said Navicha’s appointment could be a watershed moment in Malawi’s politics, signaling a paradigm shift towards greater gender equality and female representation in positions of power.

“Hon Navicha has an exemplary track record of a dedicated and passionate advocate for social justice and equality, she has endeared her to the hearts of many Malawians, her leadership characterized by a steadfast commitment to upholding the rule of law, defending the rights of marginalized communities, and championing the cause of social justice,” said Mnyenyenbe.

In a statement issued earlier this week DPP through its spokesperson, Shadreck Namalamba issued a statement confirming the appointment of George Thapatula Chaponda as the new leader of the opposition in Parliament, replacing Kondwani Nankhumwa who relinquished the position following his expulsion from the party.

The statement states that the appointment is effective immediately, Nankhumwa has since formed a new party called the People’s Development Party (PDP).